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Meet Coach Christine!

Christine began as a therapeutic parent for her daughter, Gabriella, whom she adopted from Romania at the age of 2 weeks. After a number of years of seeking Medical attention for  severe migraines, abdominal pains, GI problems and undergoing numerous diagnostic tests and procedures, Including three lumbar punctures in one day at the age of 7,  numerous psychiatric medications resulting in traumatic adverse reactions; Gabriella was diagnosed with schizophrenia by age 11.


Despite the good intentions of many medical professionals, teachers, therapists  and psychiatrists, Christine saw that there were many gaps in the services that were available for her  daughter and decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in mental health counseling in 2006. She has worked in the mental health field since that time.  Christine has worked as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland for over 10 years.


Prior to and during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns,  Christine began working via Telehealth. In July 2020,  Christine suffered a severe stroke and became a left hemiplegic. Following neurothrombectomy surgery and one month of Inpatient Rehab,  Christine began envisioning a transition from therapy to coaching, so she could reach beyond families in the state of Maryland and expand to reach out to families around the globe online!


When Christine learned there was a mastery certificate program in the Aliveness Method,  she was extremely excited to find just the right  coaching approach to integrate with her neuropsychotherapy background.


Parenting with Aliveness is an incredible opportunity for you to experience  exciting transformation,  growth and release of emotional buildup through the powerful Aliveness Methodⓣdeveloped by the phenomenal Gigi Sage  throughout her over 35 years of  successful coaching experience! We use Video Feedback to monitor your physiological changes throughout the program that will demonstrate  your increased vitality in your aliveness, which you will happily experience. You will learn the importance of  the role  of your subconscious mind in directing much of your daily life and how it can contribute to your feelings of constant overwhelm, loneliness, isolation, tiredness , shutting down and even depression?.


Christine at the beach with her daughter Gabriella Grace (name changed to protect her identity)(now age 30) and her grandaughter (age 10) in June 2020 prior to her stroke in July 2020.

Christine's Chihuahua Binky  exhausted after a full day of “protecting”  Christine  as she goes about her day.  Binky suffers from PTSD as a result of seeing Christine fall to the floor the day she had her stroke.  Her husband did not return home from work that day until approximately  10 hours later.

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Are you experiencing overwhelm?

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 Do you hunger for deeper emotional support and understanding from friends and family who struggle to understand what you're dealing with?


Paraplegic Sporting Event

 Are you highly focused on helping your child have the best possible life they can and don't have time or energy to even think about taking care of yourself ?



For Family Support Specialists and Parent Resource Coordinators

By helping special parents learn how to increase their vitality and aliveness through online group coaching, these parents will be better able to exercise their dual roles of parent/caregiver. They will be able to successfully navigate through caregiver stress, burnout and related anxiety/depression, which might otherwise create a negative rippling effect throughout the family. Please let these special parents know there is much needed group coaching available for them.

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 Would you like to experience abundant aliveness in your daily life?

Would you benefit from experiencing a transformation that will help you uncover your superpower to design an amazing lifestyle for you, your family and maybe even the world?

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 Christine Wirsing is certified in the Aliveness Method but is not an affiliate contractor Employee

of the organization.

My Vision

Many special parents experience chronic traumatic stress,  oftentimes without realizing the impact that it has on their  well-being and how that can not only cause harmful effects to themselves but to those around them as well. As a therapist, I worked with many families struggling with various issues related to a family member, often a child struggling with meeting the challenges and demands of society's norms and values.  The more I learned about the human brain and nervous system  and how we are designed to function  for survival  of our human conditions and human experiences, the more excited I became to be able to work with many  individuals and families who have struggled for many years before experiencing any Improvement in their lives.


 With my transition into transformational coaching and  becoming certified in the Aliveness Method ⓣ, I became even more  excited, because I  realized  I would be able to reach out and help  more individuals and families around the globe!


I have designed a very special program specifically for parents of children with special needs throughout the lifespan.  Regardless of  the unique needs of each child,  this program will focus on the parents' Journey to aliveness that will have an incredible rippling effect on you, your child,  your family  and perhaps even the world.


 I believe many of you are already world-changers working tirelessly as problem solvers and advocates for your children and perhaps even other children through groups,  organizations,  Schools  and hospitals.


 I invite you to reach out to receive more information about this exciting program,  so you can begin your journey of wellness and aliveness for yourself and others.


Become aware of your superpowers  and understand how to design your lifestyle  so that you can live in each day more and more in an increased state of aliveness.








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Your Wellness Success is in Good Hands!